How to Post a Sonic Message or Song

Click on Mixdown in the File Menu.

Select Publish and Share

Click open or copy the Song URL.

Once opened, who have the link and a widget player that will replay your peoduction. Anyone who receives this link in an email or message can play it back. You can also embed the code into a web site or publish to Facebook. Go to the LEARN section on Soundation for more i formation.


130 New Sounds Added to Library

130 holiday loops and sound effects added to the free sound library! Included are exceprts of christmas songs sung by Vocaloids Big Al and Sweet Ann, Merry Vocoder Christmas in 15 languages, X-Mas Dub Step, beats,bells and New Yaer sound effects.  Now you can use Soundation Studio to send a Holiday Greeting!



Save to Account Added

Now all registered users can save and store their work directly to their account.

Welcome To Soundation Studio Video

We just uploaded our Welcome To Soundation Studio video created by aspiring film student  Stavaros Genaridis. He is an avid Soundation user and offered to make us a video for a school project.

Recording Added to Soundation Studio!

Now you can record from the mic input on your computer, directly into a highlighted channel in Soundation Studio.  Click on the grey “box” area of an audio channel and hit the circular record icon on the transport to start recording. To the left of the record button is a metronome button, click on that to start the click track.

Recording directly from your computer to a web application that can save, store and publish to web your productions opens up all sorts of fun and creative possibilities, from creating a music track, to a comic message, a podcast with a killer soundtrack, unique ringtone that utilizes all the features of Soundation like loops, effects and virtual instruments.

Anyone can try recording in Soundation Studio but to be able to save, store, download or publish to web you will have to purchase an AudioLocker from the Soundation Sound Shop.

New 5,000 Loop Premium Sound Library Added

The Premium Sound library includes over 5,000 searchable  loops, that  are accessible from directly inside of Soundation Studio. You can audition all the sounds but you need to purchase a license to drag n drop any of the loops into Soundation Studio.  Once purchased, the library is available anytime you login, and the loops are from an array of award winning sample titles as well as new content created specifically for this library. The library will continue to grow and it would be good to hear your feedback on the type of content you would like us to add.

You can purchase a yearly or monthly license which you can opt out of at anytime from the Soundation SoundShop

We are looking forward to hearing your impressions and opinions.

Share on Facebook Option Released

First select Publish and Share which will create a mp3 file and stored link of your production. Then select Share on Facebook and if you are logged in to Facebook, hit Share in your FB profile and a  Soundation Studio Player link will appear. If select that link a widget with your production pops up to be heard on Facebook!

LEARN now available under Help

Now under the Help header you can access Learn Soundation with a pop up of the information pages, like “How -Tos” and “What Is” with screen dump examples and simple text explanations. This makes it easier to get the information directly from within Soundation Studio.

125 Electro Punk and 80 Roots India Added to SoundShop

Two excellent new Sound Sets are available in the Soundation Shop Shop:

LEARN Section Live!

New section “Learn” is now live on Includes FAQ, How To-s, What Is,and an explaination of the Effects (FX) included on in Soundation Studio. The explanations include screen dumps and sparse, simple text descriptions to help. We will be adding and updating content information regularly. Please contact us if we have not covered something in the Learn section that you wish to have explained.