2 New Sound Sets Added in Sound Shop

Check out our 2 new Sound Sets: 140 Hard Dance and 130 Ethno Electro Beats. Excellent additions to your Soundation Studio library.


Free Computer Music AudioLocker Offer

You can get 4  Sound Sets and an AudioLocker with 100 MB of storage for 3 months free with an off we are doing with Computer Music Magazine. Go to>

http://www.musicradar.com/computermusic/exclusive-soundation-studio-offer-for-cm-readers-255764  or   http://www.musicradar.com/computermusic

and follow the instructions. A great way to import your own WAV files into Soundation Studio and to add to your library with 4 Sound Sets at 120 bpms (Crunk House, Ghetto Tech, Electro Soca and Progressive House) Awesome stuff!!!

New Clip Loading Functionality

New clip loading and scissor editing improvements

We now have an improved structure for loading audio clips into the sequencer, as well as other bug fixes and editing improvements.

Welcome SAM-1, the Sample Player with 5 Instruments

3 New Sounds Sets Released in Sound Shop

6 New Sound Sets Available in the Sound Shop

Move a track now avaliable

Reposition any track in the track listing

Virtual Keyboard Added

The Virtual Keyboard
Now you can audition a virtual instrument directly from your computer keyboard. The virtual keyboard has up to 6 note polyphony so you can hear chords.

Import your own loops into Soundation with AudioLocker!

AudioLocker lets you store your sounds on your Soundation account as well as import them into Soundation Studio.

Using the virtual instruments

A quick look on how to load and use the virtual instruments in Soundation Studio.